Now, some of sports car fans already know about SCION releasing new sports car in their line up. Which called iQ!
Put the joke on the side, FR-S is one of their new line up. 200hp, 151tq from boxer engine FA20 (which is modded FB20 from Subaru). It weight +-2700 lbs from 2+2 FR layout car. Now, that’s a decently light weight. Of course, it’s not light as Lotus Elise, but for modern car, that’s light. Nissan 370Z weight 3,232 lbs and Hyundai Genesis coupe (2 liter turbo) weight 3,300 lbs. FR-S has 500 to 600 lbs advantage over 370Z or Genesis coupe. Light weight is advantage in racing world. Of course FR-S do lack power (200hp) over 370Z (332hp) or Genesis coupe (274hp), so handling become an important part of FR-S. FR-S equipped with MacPherson struts in the front & Double Wishbone in the rear. Weight have been distributed to 53:47 & not 50:50 weight distribution. Was that great idea? I can’t say anything for sure, but I have heard a lot of good reviews from other auto blogs & mags.
Now, only time will tell if this car is best thing came out from Toyota that is fun & affordable car in recent years



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