GT300 BRZ &…

Little late on this update, Subaru have made GT300 class BRZ (which has EJ engine inside).
First round was sadly ended up as retired, due to rear diff busted. Ended up retired, I must say it’s looking good. Time lap, it lapped in top 10 & with one new driver (new into Super GR), they did really well.
Now, this bring up a question. Is Toyota bringing GT86 into this game? Toyota have shown Taikyu & few other racings… But they still haven’t announce entering of Super GT. I understand they do not want to compete with co-parter Subaru, but that shouldn’t stop them. I want to see 1, 2 finish (GT86 & BRZ) in GT300 class.



One thought on “GT300 BRZ &…

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