Elegant car…


I gotta say… Man! I love Ferrari 250 GTO! When I was in my office, I saw 250 GTO parked on the side. It’s prob kit car, but gotta say it was beautiful car. It sure is rare, you don’t see those around.

250 GTO interesting fact is when it was released (’62~’64), price tag was $18,000 and only way to buy this car was need to get personal approval by Enzo Ferrari himself. Wow, just wow~ maybe that’s one of the reason why only 39 was made.

Another fact is, when these things goes on auctions, it goes for millions! One example is in 2008, a British buyer bought a 250 GTO that formerly belonged to Lee Kun-hee (Samsung Electronics) at an auction for a record £15.7 million… That’s 25 million in current USD!

250 GTO’s elegant design with VERY limited production, I understand the high price tag.

just once, just once in my lifetime, I want to sit inside 250 GTO.

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