Throw the first year or..?


Recently, Gazoo’s 86 have enter Tour De Kyushu. 2 days in Karatsu. 86 did great in first day taking 4th place. Sadly, second day didn’t go well as they prob wished for and taking 8th place, ending with overall of 6th place. Here’s a vid from Youtube

Both Toyota GT86 & Subaru BRZ have been pushing and taking on different motorsports. Nur 24 (VLN), Super GT, Rally & Drift (Formula D & D1GP). Current record, none have won 1st place & closest they got was last year’s VLN race & took 3rd in the class. Having all the hype around the world, they have not proven anything.

That’s something I’ve expected, specially from under 25,000 USD. I expect “trial & error” for at least an year of beating this car in motorsports world and find deep pros & cons of this car. If they beat this car & fix the weaknesses, next year I think we’ll see 86 be standing strong and competing and give a hard time to top 5 ranking cars/drivers… but again, that’s a 50/50 chance. 86/BRZ isn’t the only ones that making improvements on their car every year, so how to bring the percentage higher for next year? Simple, sponsorship.

Sponsorship have been done for a long time, but Sponsorship I’m talking about is sponsoring small shops. When small shops buy a car to enter the race, 90% of the time they’re paying out of their pocket. Which is totally understandable… but that money that they could of spent on something else (parts for the car). What if Toyota/Subaru made a several sponsor 86/BRZ to say 5 shops. 5 of them, so Toyota/Subaru will loose +-100,000,000 Yen. In return, those small shops are require to enter certain amount of races in the year (just say 8) & all the modification, data log & anything to everything they did to this car need to be reported back to Toyota/Subaru. To go more depth, all extra parts won’t be given for free/sponsored, just one car. With that small shops have more money to spent on other things, like new parts for this car, or research money. Do you know how much time & research money Toyota/Subaru is saving? I can tell you, it’ll prob be more than 100,000,000 Yen easy. From there, TRD/STI have more research data than other companies. Which raise the percentage of winning plus more shops entering/coming back to motorsports world equal to more people come to see the events which equal to more profit.

This is just my idea and I’m pretty sure there are cons on this idea, but if you look at the big picture, I think it might work. Drucker said

Management must manage social impacts and social responsibilities to enable the institution in its charge to function and make it contributions.

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