Ladies can too


There isn’t any problem with ladies wearing mech gloves & get dirty fixing her car… & by any means, that sentence is “dirty” joke. It’s pretty random opening post/sentence. Why I’m bringing this is, there’s a still in people’s mind that car fixing = men’s work. We have women Indy pro drivers & rally drivers too. We live in 2012 not 1912 now, men & women have right to choose their hobby.

Why I’m bringing this up? Tonight, I was texting with my close friend about High School reunion (10yrs) is this yr and we were chatting about how she took auto-mech class in High School and she was the only girl in the class. I remember hearing from a kid in the class saying “girls don’t get car stuff. It’s same thing as the dudes trying to figure out knitting stuff.”

I have another friend, she always help me fix my car. She doesn’t mind go under the car and get dirty of oil, coolant, trans fluids, & so on. I think, she might be more car-holic than her fiancé.

Now, those mind set of “Women must & only do •••. Men must & only do •••.” is old, we need to be open mind about it.

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