First thing first, I want to thank all of you that read this blog. Less than a week, I have over 100 views. Seriously, thank you & hope you will keep checking this blog.

Tonight after work, I was going through local news site for tomorrow’s weather and noticed front page news. A teenager killed from car accident. Clicked on the news and report was this teenager girl was texting while driving, didn’t see front was stopped, she ram into it. It’s a sad story, but at the same time got me thinking. Is new technology work with or against on sports car fans?

New technology equal to better MPG, more power from smaller engine. Example I’ll use is Subaru EJ engine. ’89 2 liter boxer engine: EJ20E was SOHC & pushing 125HP… Go about 20 yrs we have EJ204 which had DOHC& AVCS and pushing 190HP. Now, this is just a simple example. Some engine are making double of original engine. In that view, technology is flavoring sports car fans

More power equal to safety problem come along. Steering wheel air bag, passenger airbag, side airbag, curtain airbag & so on. More safety added to the car equal to more weight to the car. Look at 90’s Japanese sports cars. They’re light weight. If you go into 80’s some are more light! Fairlady is very good example. Datsun 240Z weight 2,355 lbs… Now current Z, 370Z weight 3,232 lbs, that’s close to 1,000 lbs gain since ’69.

What’s you opinion? Is technology flavoring us? Or working against us?



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