Basic Non-Gearhead 101

So today, read some interesting article. Ten Things Every Non-Gearhead Need to Know About Their Cars.

Title pretty much explain itself.., some of them were why too basic, so I’m making my own.

1. Wipers are consumable parts.
Most often people don’t replace the wipers til it literally doesn’t work. I’ve seen some drivers without wipers before. They’re not expensive things to replace. We’re talking about $2~$15, not $60~$200 parts now. Let’s maintain em!

2. What all the lights and gauges mean.
I’ve sat in a friend’s car that had CEL (Check Engine Light) on. They didn’t care to see what that light was for or go to shop to fix em. Those lights are there for a reason, when it turns on then find the problem & fix em!

3. Where your jumper cables are and how to use them.
Not only know where your jumper cables are, but also it’s good idea to put it in the trunk, just in case. Never know when you need it.

4. When your tires are worn out.
Tire’s life is VERY IMPORTANT! Check tire pressure often. Check how worn the each tires are (penny trick). This can help with MPG along with your car’s life.

5. Where your oil is/how much is in the car.
Oil is very important in the engine’s life. No oil = death to the engine. If you don’t want to spent extra $1,500~$9,000, I would recommend check the oil much as you fill the gas. At least once a month.

6. When should the car next get maintenances.
Not only know next maintenances, bur keep a record of regular maintenances. Recent phone have calendar, you can put it in your phone & remind you when need to do maintenances & other regular seevices.

These are main 6 things I would recommend to non-Gearhead need to know about their cars


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