Manabu Orido


Not sure anyone is following Manabu Orido’s GT86 project. He has a guts enough to put Lexus IS-F V8 (2UR) engine inside all new Toyota 86. What I’m talking about is over 400 HP in this small lightweight car.


He didn’t finish it there… of course, he didn’t. That’s why he’s known as “MAX” orido. Help of VARIS, most of exterior parts car carbon Fiber… that include the roof too! Wish by Orido, they’ll be using “Semi-Dry Carbon Fiber” and see how much weight they can shave it off.

Recently they went to Mobara Twin Circuit to do some shakedown and here’s the vid of it

Sadly, right after finish the shakedown, engine broke down. Currently, they’re working overtime to finish it in time for D1GP in Odaiba.


I hope, engine will be fixed in time for Odaiba.



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