Subaru BRZ


Subaru BRZ
Subaru side of 86 & Subaru’s first RWD coupe they made. As you can see from the top pic, front bumper is different from Toyota/SCION front bumper. Not only bumper, but headlight as well. Few recourses have stated that both BRZ & 86 exterior can be swapped, so if you like BRZ headlights with 86 bumper, it’s totally possible.


As rear looks, it look the same as 86, dual exhaust tip with Euro style taillights. Exterior wise, front bumper, headlights, fake fender vents are the difference between BRZ & 86.


BRZ interior is a bit different from 86 also. Seats, dash gauge, steering wheel emblem and dash panels. BRZ S (Limited in US) will come with push-start button, which some are paying extra to get.


Under the hood, both BRZ & 86 come with 2 liter boxer engine (FA20) pushing 200 HP. Transmission options are 6sp manual or 6dp automatic, which is first time dor Subaru having 6sp auto. LSD is standard for manual, but for automatic, R (Premium) does not come with LSD.


Another thing that is different between BRZ & 86 is suspension, more detail damper & spring rates are different from 86. Which is better? Can’t say, it’s up to your preference I think.

BRZ Premium starting out $25,495 vs SCION FR-S starting out $24,200. $1,295 more than FR-S, for some, it sound ridiculous. For some it’s not bad deal. I’ll let you be judge of that


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