Better Day for Photo Shoot


Yesterday wasn’t the best day to take the photos… but gotta day, today was great! as you can see from the top photo, clear sky! Only negative part was, wind was freezing!!! I’ve also invited my friend for photos. She was kind enough to come in freezing wind and do some photo shoot for an hour & half.


As you can see from the above photo, she drive Acura RSX. RSX fans will notice minor differences from  stock ver.Image

Currently running stock high, but she’s planning to run lower springs in mid-summer.


No, it’s not a dent or anything on that driver front fender. It’s GoPro! We did some few runs at the empty parking lot… but sadly due to my mistake, most of the vid wasn’t filmed. I thought SD card I’ve put in GoPro was 16GB… but instead, it was 16MB… result that memory card at about a sec of recording…


This week, I’ve a big surprises for everyone that read this blog. Keep checking back!


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