Gearhead Parent Dream Daughter

My lunch break usually start with reading few auto blog sites. Today, this article caught my attention the most. Meet The 14 Year-Old Girl Building A Car For Her Sweet 16

“Our 12 year old DAUGHTER came in and said, ‘Dad, Mom, can we talk for a minute?’ We agreed, and she presented us with something she had been thinking about. She said that she would like to buy a car with her babysitting money. We were like, you are only 12.

Now I should tell you that she is 12 going on 22, but she presented these arguements to us.
1. She would like to buy a Fiero because she saw one at a show and thinks they are cool (we are Corvette people, so she has been around a few shows). Fair enough I like GM products and remember the Fiero fondly from my youth.
2. She makes the arguement that it gets reasonably good gas milage
3. It is relatively inexpensive, so she would be able to afford it.
4. She could completely restore it in the 4 years until she turns 16
5. She would learn about how cars work, it would be a cheap education for the money
6. She would only have the capacity to take one friend along with her, so there would be less distraction
7. She wants a manual so she would learn how to drive stick
8. When it is done it would be a cool historic sports car
9. She would pay for it all herself.”

Now, that’s some awesome daughter! I’m no father of son or daughter… but if I become one & I sure want a daughter/son like that.

Currently, she’s 14 and 2 more years to go.I wishes her a good luck & make it in time for sweet 16 for sure!


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