What’s going on…?

Alright, sorry I haven’t posting much. It’s not that I don’t want to. Just busy with unpacking, translating, editing the vid, checking the pictures and all the stuff is due soon, so kinda busy & stressed at the same time.

I’ve finished 2 out 3 vids, 2 out 5 infos, & still need to do few paragraph reports. Oh FYI, I’m not procrastinating, I’ve been working on it since I came back. Just so much infos that, idk where to start from.

BUT fear not, l promise that, I’ll finish it by the due date & everyone can read & watch em soon… real soon


One thought on “What’s going on…?

  1. SAP says:

    So when is the due date, Ichi?
    When will the embargo be lifted?
    I am very keen to here about the Toyota 86 🙂

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