Few more pics and infos

Thanks to everyone that read my review. I hope I was explaining in depth and answer several questions you had in your mind. If not, comment and I’ll reply to you and see if I can answer any questions you still have… well at least in my knowledge anyways.

Finally embargo is over, so I’ll be posting more pics and what happened when I was here.

Day 1 started out with just checking-in at the hotel (Red Rock Hotel) and wait til dinner. I got there near 5PM and dinner was at 6:30PM… so an hour and half to waste. Well time went by fast. Why? I forgot my phone charger… FML so I was walking around to see if I can find some charger for my phone. Good new was I found it. Bad new was, it freaking cost $17 for damn cheap eBay charger! Well, it’s my mistake, so o’well

At the dinner, we, we as all the car journalists and media were invited (both wave 1 & wave 2) for dinner by the pool. Here some pic Jack Hollis & Tetsuya Tada is giving our RC FR-S


After that, I’ve joined a table to Tada-san, Miwa-san (from Club4AG), Nakamura-san (Toyota staff), Koki-san (GT Channel) for some chat.

I was really surprised that FT86Club.com was really famous! Nakamura-san have an account there. Tada-san check there often. I was really surprised and honored at the same time. They were like “It’s amazing how they get those info? They get it faster than some of medias or workers.” Yes, yes indeed. Our boss sure keep us update on info!

We completely forgot what time it was. We got kicked out of the pool area by security due to they’re ready to close down the area. lol When I got back to my room it was already pass 9PM, we have been talking for over 2hrs. When I got to my room, SCION left me a present on the desk.


FR-S water bottles, FR-S Jacket, FR-S porker cards, FR-S grip thing for your phone, FR-S snap-on tool and thank you card. My night ended awesomely.


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