Interview Tetsuya Tada, Chief Engineer of Toyota 86 aka SCION FR-S

Sorry, this post is a little bit late, due to some douchbag lawnmower company dented my car (passenger door), I had to calm myself down before do anything. I guess, every good thing, there’s always a bad thing.

Anyways, I’ve posted this vid in few forums, but if you haven’t seen it, thought to post it & add extra comments and few more infos

So before go further, I wanna write this: VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: Question 2. When I ask Tada-san about Targa & Hatch. I told him that, “Targa & hatch have been pretty popular along the forum. Some said, if 86 comes out in targa/hatch, they’re willing to fork out the money to buy em. In next gen 86, if you can consider talking about it in your team about targa and hatch options.” SO PLEASE DON’T CONFUSE THAT TARGA & HATCH WILL COME OUT. YES, THAT INCLUDES YOU GUYS AUTO BLOGGERS! DON’T EVEN THINK ABOUT WRITING SOME BOGUS ARTICLE SAYING “Toyota is making targa and hatch 86.”

K, now that’s out of the way, I’ll start out from good part. Bonus part. What is he talking about? It’s fin… or should I say vortex maker. Depends on where you put it on your car, it can turn faster, stable your car in high speed. It doesn’t need whole aero parts. Just small thing you stick it on to your car. It’s not expensive mod like body kits or other stuff, but it can get more effect than some of those fake aero parts.

Another parts is Door Stabilizer. That have been shown in TRD parts catalog, It sound simple mod, but it’s very effective mod. They eliminate flex between the door and the frame. This makes the door rigid relative to the rest of the car and helps to reduce overall flex through the whole car.

Recent sports car are coming out with Sound Enhancer (like Mustang), Toyota 86 / SCION FR-S will come equipped one. For some ppl want louder note come in inside or maybe opposite, you want it quieter. Well Toyota will bringing out an option for that, so you can make your “own” FR-S.

Here’s another interview done by GT Channel


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