86 vs BRZ vs Roadster

It’s pretty interesting to see both 86 and BRZ compared. Not only that, they’ve compared with Roadster… well not really, Roadster is in the price range, hp, & weight, so it was matter of time to see those 2 get compared… in Japan. In US, we have Genesis Coupe and Mustang, so FR-S & BRZ gotta work hard to fight against them.

Now, I’ve nothing against Genesis Coupe or Mustang, they make great power output & design, decent amount of people have bought them. I’ve driven both Genesis Coupe (v6) and Mustang and they’re pretty sweet cars… but was it worth my money? I can’t really say “Yes”. Why? There are a lot of reasons… but mostly, those two cars didn’t have what I was looking for.

If you’re looking at buying Genesis or Mustang, before you buy it, check FR-S/BRZ also. Yes, they’re don’t have great power or anything, but feeling of how you drive might interest you.


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