How Did You?

Sorry I haven’t updated for few days. My life got crazier than it needed to be.

Anyways, here’s a question. How did you get into sports car, muscle car, Gearhead etc? You can’t really say “From today on, I’ll be Gearhead.” There gotta be start somewhere.

Here’s mine.

My family is a car-holics. Father used to have ’73 Nissan Skyline Ken&Mary Edi and he used to race in Wangan. Here’s the pic


Mother used to own Honda City Turbo. Now those things are small, but it pack some power!

Grandfather drive V8 RWD still… Uncle also drive V8 RWD.

It’s kinda hard not to be car-holic. My younger brother took little time, but he’s an American muscle car fan. Like Dodge Charger, 300C, & Mustang. His girlfriend like 180SX, Silvia & Rx-7 (FD).

Not only that, I have car-holic friends. One of my old friend had Datsun 240Z. Here’s the pic


So it’s impossible NOT to be car-holic.

Am I regret that I’m a car-holic? Not really, it’s my hobby… & yes, pretty expensive hobby, but it’s worth every penny.

How about you? Why are you interested in car? Cuz of movie? Maybe you saw cool race when you were young?


4 thoughts on “How Did You?

  1. KC says:

    hahah~ I’m a huge F1 fan and watched my first F1 race in 1993( I was 4 ) where Aryton Senna won at Donnington. His spectacular win that day has drawn me into motorsports and cultivated a love for cars man

  2. KC says:

    yea man! Sparks were everywhere as the cars were ridiculously/dangerously too low for some of the tracks back in the days. Driver safety was almost nil, everything was about winning back then.

    Are you a F1 fan too Ichitaka?

    • ichitaka05 says:

      Just a little bit, I’m no expert for sure. I remember seeing sparks & crazy battle between drivers… but now, FIA made it too technical that, I feel it’s kinda boring… but if I say that, that’s pretty much anything

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