First Shipment


Few days ago, first FR-S was sold in US. It was a small event, decent amount went. Me? I had a graduation of my good friend that was happening early next day, so I missed it. Which equal to missing on Toyotafest. I can’t wait to see all those pics.

First FR-S is sold, Toyota/SCION will be selling rest of the FR-S to first 86ers. Now here’s a BIG question comes out… When’s regular customer’s order is coming?

Answer is… til June. You can quote me wrong, but last info that I have, they’re planning on selling FR-S to the public start of June.

So all the buyers out there, it’s less than a month! Just be a bit more patient!


3 thoughts on “First Shipment

  1. wrxsti2012 says:

    I have a few friends interested in the FRS and BRZ. We’ll see how the boxer engine holds up…

    • ichitaka05 says:

      Yes, it’ll be interesting to hear from more Subie Gearhead ppl about this engine

      • wrxsti2012 says:

        I just ordered the 2012 STI and hope to get it in 2 months. Im new to the whole manual driving and JDM scene. Plan to blog my experiences. Please follow me if youre interested. Thanks.

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