SCION FR-S & Porsche Carrera GT

Sorry, I haven’t posted for few days. It’s not that I didn’t want to post… but more like I “couldn’t” Every time start typing up, the App freezes and kick me off or just kick me off. Anyone had that problem and solved it? Only way to solve it was to delete the App completely and reinstall it.

Anyways, here’s an interesting story from my 師匠 (Shishou, Teacher, Master), Moto-san.


Today, while driving my kid to the beach in my Scion FRS, a really young gentleman waves me down to stop… from a Porsche Carrera GT!!!!! So we talked to each other at the Ralph’s parking lot for 20 min!!!!

Him being more excited about this Scion FRS than me in many ways. Please take note Toyota folks!!

The FRS/BRZ appeals not just to the 99%!!! It does sweep the heart of a the upper crust 1% just the same, or more!!!

As you can read from the Moto-san’s excitement, I was excited to hear that news too. FR-S may not have 500hp or the car isn’t made out of carbon fiber, BUT it appeals to all the true sports car fans. Without a joke, Tada-san & Toyota/Subaru have made a true sports car back!

I hope to see other auto company will follow Toyota & Subaru and compete with FR-S/BRZ/GT86 and bring back lightweight, midpower, RWD true driver’s car back again.


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