Hello and thanks to all the reader out there. Thanks to you guys, this month I had over 1,500 views! Thanks amazing!!!! I’ll do my best to keep this blog interesting and some informative.

Now, some of you already know (or may not know), I’m a moderator for 2 different forums. & isn’t well active… but admin of that site have done a lot for me (& still is), without him, I wouldn’t of met any SCION reps or invited to go to Vegas for test drive FR-S. is, I wouldn’t be far off to say #1 popular 86/FR-S/BRZ/GT86 forums in North America and maybe worldwide, with over 6,000 members.

Now, I try to read every posts members write (can’t get all of em, but I do my best). Recently seeing 2 major topics.
1. I got the FR-S/BRZ
2. Dealer problem

Now, I wanna talk little bit about #2. SCION made it so there won’t be any mark-up or other unknown fees dealers try to get more money out of… but sadly, I’m seeing a lot of dealer not following this and marking it up $500 and even $5,000 mark-up!?!?!?

Also seeing some pushy dealer making people buy options that they don’t want. Anyone had those experiences? When it come to pushy dealer, I have not a problem! I never get pushed around… well at least pushed around too much lol Today was different kind of experience.

So while driving back from doing some shopping from Home Depot & other places, I saw recently opened/remodeled Toyota + SCION dealer (Larry H. Miller Toyota SCION).

Got into the parking lot. I see about 6~10 sales ppl hiding in the shade (don’t blame them, it’s hot outside. Got out of the car and walk towards the building, I was kinda worry that all those guys gonna tackle me (lol)… but reality, every single one of em ignored me. I’ll admit, I wasn’t “well” dressed. c’mon, I just barely came back from Home Depot & other home improvement stores, I’m wearing tshirt & jeans. So I go into SCION side of the door, I see one sale rep talking on his phone, so just waited til he finish talking to ask him about FR-S. He saw me and lil bit and walk outside… well, I guess that’s out of question then. lol I looked around iQ & few other display cars for 10mins. No sale rep say hello or nothing. Maybe I was wearing invisible camo or something.

After 10mins, I just went to front desk to ask for some rep for SCION. She just a dude sitting playing w the phone for 10 mins (or maybe more) to help me. I just asked simple questions:
1. Are you guys getting any FR-S?
2. If they’re all reserved, how long is waiting time?
3. What options does it come with & how much gonna be?

I gotta say, not to be rude to that sale rep guy, but man it was funny watching him. I can tell heat or work is beating him HARD!!! He didn’t even have any excitement or any energy or maybe he had a hangover. lol It was one of the hardest 10mins not to laugh.

He did answer all of question (kind of) & yes, they’re selling it MSRP no mark-up stuff (which is good thing), but all the info was given from official website. I was like “thanks, but I could of found out at home” instead of driving here… BUT they don’t care. After chat around w that guy, I walked out of the main door (w all those sale reps front) and noticed a lady walking towards me, I said hello passing by while all those morons keep chatting themselves. lol

I was like wow~ I’m glad they didn’t bug the crap out of me nor mark-up the price… but IDK how they gonna be selling ANY car in general. I’m not saying every single sale reps need to say hello, but ignoring might not be a good idea. lol I had a better experience w Karl Marlone Toyota SCION. When & IF I do buy FR-S, I’ll prob hit up Karl Marlone Toyota SCION.

That dealer is now in my “Blacklist”. yeah pushy dealers can be annoying… but ignoring dealers is worse.

Anyone had worse or better experience than this?


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