Foot Steps…

Hello and Happy Father’s Day! All the fathers out there, hope you’re enjoying your day.

K, one of my friend who read this blog commented saying “You know, I notice that you mostly write about FR-S or BRZ. Do you write other auto stuff?”

OF COURSE I DO! I just happen to be FR-S/BRZ fan lol So I thought to go little bit different topic than FR-S, BRZ, 86.

In May, I have posted a blog about “How did you get into car.” My father used to race in Wangan with his ’79 Skyline Ken & Merry edi.

Well locally, there’s a JDM classic restorer shop called JDM Legend. Little bit back, I had a chance to check their shop out and what did I see?


’79 Nissan Skyline Ken & Merry Edi w RB26DETT engine swap! It’s not bright Orange-Red custom paint color as my father’s Skyline… but it was calling my name~! I was pretty close of buying this car… BUT sadly, my wallet was telling me “NO!”, so I had to walk away.

How about you? Anyone had those experience? Drive what your father used to drive… or owned and see what he was saw when he was driving it.


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