So anyone seen this FIAT 500 concept?


It’s called FIAT 550 Italia. FIAT 500 chassis with 4.8 Liter V8 which normally found in Ferrari 458 Iltalia. Here’s more info from Jalopnik

A design studio released renderings this past week of a Fiat 500 powered by a rear mounted 4.5 liter V8 normally found in a Ferrari 458 Italia.

It’s called the 550 Italia and if Lazzarini Design Studios can find an investor to help them build the car, we’ll have a legitimate reason to lust after a new Fiat 500. According to the renderings the a slightly detuned version of the Ferrari sourced V8 will be positioned directly behind the front seats. The company projects the custom Fiat would weigh a mere 2200 pounds when completed.

So what’s the investment required to take the most insane Fiat 500 in the world from paper to reality? The design studio estimates the project will cost about $550,000—approximately 2.4 times the base MSRP of a new Ferrari 458 Italia.

It cost about $550,000… I don’t know about you guys, but not sure it’s worth that much.



2 thoughts on “Concept…

  1. Jesse Risk says:

    if its FWD, its not worth it, and if its RWD it wont handle good at all. disappointing.

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