Is it Possible…? Part 2

I think, I’m almost there on what aero kit I want… for front bumper anyways.

First, I’ll be swapping out FR-S w custom make DRL w foglights. Like this


After that, I’ll be installing Nur Edi front kit


and finish it off w STI lip


I think, that’s what I want to do… sadly, Nur Edi front lip kit won’t be easy to get for sure, so  I might need to think plan B idea. If you’re taking this idea, make sure to give me some lil credit for it! I’m still debating on side & rear aero kits. I haven’t found any good ones that I like yet.


One thought on “Is it Possible…? Part 2

  1. Jesse Risk says:

    im thinking of getting a BRZ over here, if i can afford to get a top-spec, but if not then ill get a GT basemodel with a TRD kit and HKS supercharger kit. STi lips look sick!

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