2013 Scion FR-S is confirmed for Forza 4 August DLC

To all the Forza & FR-S fans out there. There’s a good news! 2013 Scion FR-S is confirmed for August DLC. Took them pretty long time for this DLC. GT fans already got their FR-S & GT86 year or so back… now finally Forza is getting the FR-S. What kind of mods awaits FR-S? I don’t know… but I could guess, EJ257 & 2JZ swap will prob be seen. Which means, GT5’s FR-S only pushed +-400ps, but in F4, we might see near or even over 700hp FR-S.


2013 Lexus LS

Hello and thanks for viewing.

So Lexus have shown 2013 Lexus LS photo and Jalopnik have posted up.Photo is LS F ver, so more beefier ver than regular LS.

 Photo credit Lexus
I was reading the comments and interesting to see the negative feedback. I kinda understand their feeling. I’m not gonna lie, at first, I thought it looks like Darth Vader from Star Wars

Car Sports that should be in the Olympic

Today is the opening of London Olympic. Anyone watching it or some of you might be there cheering your lung out?

Summer Olympic has well over 20 sports (26 to be technical)… but not one of them is automotive race. Now, Jalopnik put out 10 car sports that should be in the Olympic and here are the list

  • Endurance Racing
  • Race of Champions
  • Karting
  • Car Soccer
  • Human Pulling Trucks
  • Ski Jump
  • Drag Racing
  • Drifting
  • Formula Ford
  • Rally Biathlon

Some of them sound interesting to see in Olympic.. but Car Soccer? I’m not sure all 22 cars will last full 90 mins. lol

How about you? What automotive sports that should be or want to see in the Olympic?



Here’s a quick update for August. I’ll be driving down to LA for car event. I live in Utah, so that’s about 600 miles we’re talking here. If you wanna make it into time, it’s about 10~12 hrs drive. I’ll be going there on August 3rd til August 7th.

What event? Car event of course… I’ll update much as I can, so stay tune for that, start of August

Future of Sports Car?

I was reading a thread tonight in the FT86Club.com and one of the title: Your ideas for future sports car market.

I’ve posted that, I wanna see Suzuki Cappuccino to comeback. Those things were pretty fun! They aren’t any power car or anything. Some 3 cylinder turbo FR car.

Also car that I want to see is just like Toytoa 86, Scion FR-S, Subaru BRZ… except smaller ver. 1.4~1.6L H4 engine turbo. MAYBEpushing 140~180hp and weight around 2300~2500lbs and make thing classy make it fastback.


If they can make one like that, it’ll be awesome.

How about you? What car you want to see in future sports car?


Sorry I have not post for 2 days. I’ve been busy fixing & other stuff. I’ll blog about one of the thing I was doing in that 2 days.

My poor car (’00 Impreza 2.5RS), few of exhaust header bolts threads stripped and sadly I haven’t fix it… til now. Guy I met on local Subaru forum was very kind to help with this task.

Drove about an hr to get to the guy’s shop and lifted my car up on the lift.


As you can see above, my exhaust is pretty easy to come off. 6 bolts holding the exhaust header, 3 bushing holding the muffler and 1 bushing holding axle back area.


Rusty is drilling out the old threads and making a new threads


After making new threads and putting heil-coil repair threads to double strength! Putting new gaskets, bolts and washer, it’s finished!

my car sound great again!