Future of Sports Car?

I was reading a thread tonight in the FT86Club.com and one of the title: Your ideas for future sports car market.

I’ve posted that, I wanna see Suzuki Cappuccino to comeback. Those things were pretty fun! They aren’t any power car or anything. Some 3 cylinder turbo FR car.

Also car that I want to see is just like Toytoa 86, Scion FR-S, Subaru BRZ… except smaller ver. 1.4~1.6L H4 engine turbo. MAYBEpushing 140~180hp and weight around 2300~2500lbs and make thing classy make it fastback.


If they can make one like that, it’ll be awesome.

How about you? What car you want to see in future sports car?


2 thoughts on “Future of Sports Car?

  1. Jesse Risk says:

    as much as id want a new S16 Silvia etc, its just not likely. But all roads are 90% pointing towards a 2014 Pulsar GTiR running a MR16DD turbo engine. Platform base will be that of the Pulsar/Tiida. At first it will be offered in FWD, then 12 months later in AWD, based of the Nissan Juke chassis/drivetrain. Id buy one.

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