BAC Mono

First thing first, thanks everyone for viewing this blog. Last month, I had over 3,000 views. That’s more than double of view since April (which was 1,311 views). I’ll keep you guys updated on some auto information as much as I can.

So on to the topic, newest vid from Chris Harris on cars. He had a chance to drive BAC Mono. I really, really envy his job. He have an awesome job! If anyone know how I can get that kind of job, let me know!

Spec on BAC Mono:
Overall Width: 1800mm (70.8inches)
Overall Length: 3952mm (155.6inches)
Height: 1110mm (43.7inches)
Wheelbase: 2565mm (1001inches)
Weight: 540kg (1190.5lbs)
Weight Distribution F/R: 48/52
Engine: inline 4
Maximum Power: 280 bhp at 7700 rpm
Maximum Torque: 280 Nm at 6000rpm

Seriously, it’s a pure Formula 3 car.
For more information about this car visit their site: BAC Mono


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