Lunch Time


Currently in Primm (south of Vegas) & taking another break & eating some lunch.

Took me longer than I’ve expected, but still within expected margin.

Some of you might be traveling this summer (just like me), here are some of a tips to keep the car working while travel.

1. Oil – when you’re taking a lunch break or even putting a gas in the car, check to make sure you have enough oil in the engine. It’s not really fun, when you get stuck side of the road.

2. Other Fluids – window washer, power steering & brake fluid are common ones you wanna check for. You already open the hood, mind as well check other fluids.

3. Tire Pressures – if you don’t have a tire gauge, that’s fine, at least visually check to see if tire need some air, also if there’s any nails stuck in there.

4. Belt – Make sure serpentine belts are tight & make sure they don’t have any cracks on the belt. You don’t want AC or power steering go out on you, right?

5. Yourself – make sure, YOU don’t fall asleep! You have enough water, snacks & gums to keep yourself aware of what you’re doing & where you’re driving. Nothing worse than making great vacation into worse vacation.


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