August 3rd ~4th


Few months ago, Moto-san (aka MotoP) plan Scion FR-S event date set for August 5th. When I heard this information, I’ve taken time off work to make sure to I’ll be able to go to this event.

August 3rd 4AM Salt Lake City
I was off to LA. Which come down to 670 miles, 12 hrs of road trip. No AC sure made my journey interesting, but what was waiting for me in LA, I didn’t care.


August 3rd 8:30PM
After taking a nap from long hot driving, Moto-san have invited me to car meet in Torrance. Honda, Nissan, Toyota, Ford, Chevrolet, Dodge, & all other brands came to join this meet.


I was in Scion FR-S & Subaru BRZ area talking with several owners. Seeing their mods and idea of mods they’re planning to do on this car. Even after midnight, people were there checking the cars and having great car conversation. Wanted to keep talking with everyone, but wake for near 25hrs, my head was already half sleep… It was time for me to go.


August 4th 3PM
After getting lost looking place to eat for lunch, I went to Longo Toyota Scion Lexus. Jeff from Scion gave me a tour around the place.

While I was there Ryan from Club Lexus came with Lexus LFA.


Ryan was kind enough to offer me to sit in the car. This car is amazing both inside and outside. Interior is very precise and everything is where it need to be. You kinda know where it is, even it’s your first time sitting in the car.


…can’t wait for tomorrow’s Scion FR-S tour of LA. I’ll be writing that up when I get home, so stay tune


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