Scion FR-S Tour of LA Drive Presented by Longo

August 5th, Fuji Speedway Japan, 86 festival was happening with owner from US. 5,535 miles away from Fuji Speedway, in LA, Moto (aka MotoP) heard the cries of the owners, he organized US side 86 festival: Scion FR-S Tour of LA Drive presented by Longo Scion. Tour happened from Longo Scion in El Monte CA and traveled Toyota USA Museum, LAX, Mulholland Canyon and back to Longo. Totaling over 80 FR-S, AE86 & BRZ came to join the festival.

Even early in the Sunday morning. Scion FR-S, AE86 and Subaru BRZ showing up.

No one cannot be admitted to the Toyota USA Automobile Museum without registered and have wrist-band and car banner. Ryan & Ai were making your everyone is registered and signed up.

More owner have start coming.

Guess who join the event? Ryan of Flipside 909 join the event with BIG brother of FR-S… Lexus LFA

Moto have called everyone for driver meeting. He made sure there aren’t ANY wreckless driving, or careless behavior allowed on this tour. If owner get a ticket, owner will also get an awesome sticker that said “Freaking Really Stupid”.

Everyone made it safely to Toyota USA Automobile Museum.

Kenji-san from Cusco and Troy from FiveAD came to join the event.

Scion & FiveAD brought some gift for everyone.

Time for raffle drawing. Wait is that FiveAD spoiler & HPI Racing FR-S? Congratulation to everyone who won the raffle. As for me? I was busy eating forgot about the raffle.

Inside Toyota USA Automobile Museum, first thing I see is Scion FR-S concept which first shown at NYIAS. When Jack Hollis said “Freaking Really Sweet!” it totally true, it’s freaking really sweet!

Go more inside, there were sports cars lined up some of them which inspire Scion FR-S.

It’s time to roll off to Mulholland Canyon route. Totaling over 80 FR-S, AE86 & BRZ going same direction equal to whole street covered with them.

Leading the charge is of course, fearless leader LFA

Stop & go, stop & go though PCH heading to Malibu, we finally to to Mulhulland Canyon. Beautiful sky, great canyon, great cars… what more to ask?

After driving around LA, we drove back to Longo Scion, food trucks were waiting for us.

The end of festival, I didn’t hear anyone who got “Freaking Really Stupid” sticker or any wrecks, everyone came back safely and had a fun time. I call that a successful event!


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