Racing Games

I was thinking today, there are a ton of automotive games like… Forza, Gran Turismo, Rev, Dirt, Need for Speed, and so many more. All those games I’ve listed are great racing games and I’m not going into Forza vs Gran Turismo (it’s never ending debate).

One thing, I wish recent game improve isn’t graphics, cuz it’s already high quality as is, it’s not necessary to better in my opinion… BUT solo plot game play. Recent game developers have been so focus on multi online play that solo game is really boring. Not much of plot… vs old racing game, developers have put effort making plot interesting, it was great playing solo. I love multi online play… but let’s be realistic here. Not everyone can play same time same day.

 Not sure anyone remember this game: Tokyo Xtreme Racer series. They had few just race in Wangan and Drift series that go through several different touge (canyon roads). Plot of this game was just race and win… it’s simple, but made it interesting by making time & day system. You can always race against same NPC everyday… but instead, you can find them on certain day, certain time in certain area. They had forum within the game & email to make it realistic on when certain NPC going to be at.

I’m not sure, some reader here agree with me, but it’ll be interesting to see those games back in new home console game system? So when your friend isn’t online, you can progress the solo with interesting plot… instead of going through same track, same driver, same everything over and over.

What do you think? Something is missing or edit in recent racing game or it’s good as is?


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