Max Orido’s V86

When I think of Manabu Orido (aka Max Orido), first car come to mind is his personal car Toyota Supra, which is pushing well over 550whp. Last year in D1GP, he have brought Supra into it and came out 13th place.

This year, he have brought new Toyota sports car, Toyota 86. He call it Toyota V86.

Reason it’s called “V86” is cause, it has 2UZ Lexus IS-F engine instead of FA20 boxer engine. V86 is pushing well over 600hp NA and all the power only goes into the rear wheels.


Here is the vid of V86 having a test run at Ebisu

Taniguchi Nobuteru (NOB) with HKS Supercharger 86, Tetsuya Nibino with UP Grade EJ Turbo 86, Ken Nomura (NomuKen) with Blitz 2JZ 86. All of them have different setups. It’ll be interesting to see how all those 86 works and plays in D1GP.


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