HKS Toyota 86


Another 86 series. This time, Orido’s good friend, Nobuteru’s HKS 86. Here’s a quick spec on this car.

Max.Power Output 580ps Injector HKS INJECTOR UP GRADE 700cc
Max. Torquet 56kg-m Fuel Pump Large-capacity
Boost ressurep 1.6kgf/cm2 Intake HKS Racing
Capacity 2000CC 86.0×86.0mm Oil Cooler HKS Racing
Compression 9.0 Inter Cooler HKS Racing 
Piston HKS(Prototype) Suspension HIPERMAX MAX4 GT (Prototype)
Conrod HKS(Prototype) Mission 5 Speed SEQUENTIAL MISSION
Crankshaft SR TYPE (Prototype)
Headgasket HKS(Prototype) Clutch GD CLUTCH Pro (Prototype)
Camshaft Tire YOKOHAMA ADVAN Neova
EX.manifold HKS Racing Wheel YOKOHAMA ADVAN Racing RZ
Exhaust HKS Racing
Meter DB METER RS Brake Rear ENDLESS 油圧サイド対応キャリパー
A/F Knock Amp. Seat BRIDE ZETA III


580PS out of FA20 engine… that’s hellova lot of power! Also amazing thing is tire spec. F215/45-17 & R245/40-17. When it get’s to that much hp, a lot of tune cars goes one size higher for more stable and able to put power to the ground.


Out of all the 86 in D1GP, it’s not doing great due to a lot of reason (engine & Suspension). BUT I think, when they get the setup correct this beast will go in top 5 machine.

For more info, check HKS site


Subaru BRZ XT

Subaru has shown BRZ XT concept at Paris Auto Show.

Info & Pic: Autoblog

Originally Posted by Autoblog
The Subaru XT was a small coupe from the ’80s that offered all-wheel drive and a turbo engine, and now, Subaru is revisiting the designation on its 2012 BRZ XT Line Concept. While we would love to imagine a day with a turbocharged Subaru BRZ driven by all four wheels, we’ll have to wait until later to learn the true details of this car. The XT moniker has also been used more recently to denote the turbocharged models of the Subaru Forester, so there’s that, too.

For now, though, all we have to work on are pictures of the car, and from what we can tell, Subaru’s definitely injecting more attitude into the much-loved rear-drive coupe. Visual changes include carbon fiber (or at least a carbon fiber look) on the roof panel, decklid spoiler and mirror caps, while the blacked-out 11-spoke wheels expose red-painted calipers at all four corners. XT Line Concept badges adorn the front fascia, fender vents and the C-pillars.

Inside this mysterious concept, the BRZ gets some bright red leather seats with embossed XT logos and some added carbon fiber trim on the gauge cluster brow and door panels.

Honestly, the XT Line Concept looks more appropriate for SEMA rather than today’s Paris Motor Show reveal, but hopefully Subaru will release a press release with additional information later. Until then, enjoy the live images.

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What do you think? Not happy because it’s missing turbo or supercharger? Happy with cool red leather interior and other carbon fiber gizmos? My feedback on this is, is okay. I’m pretty sure there are people that want this car for “luxury” and not just for “sports car” idea. Having all different types and style of 86/BRZ is okay in my book. Subaru & Toyota, please bring more stuff out for this car.

Bentley Continental GT3


After 10 years gone (give or take) from racing world Bentley is bring their Continental GT to 24hrs Le Mans race. I gotta say, I’m interested to see how it perform.


Also this Continental GT3 has W12 engine and it’s going to be RWD! GT races don’t allow AWD, so Continental GT need to loose that front cv axles.


They claim that this Continental GT3 weight +-2,200lbs! WAY lighter than road ver Continental.

Now, it sounds great but will it be able to compete against the Porsche, Aston Martins, and Ferraris is a BIG question… what do you think?

Subaru BRZ coming to GT5


Finally, finally after almost a year after Toyota GT86 and near six month after Scion FR-S, Subaru BRZ is finally one of DLC for Gran Turismo 5. It’s coming out Sept 25th… which is tomorrow!

From Playstation Blog:

Subaru BRZ S ’12 ($.99)

Enjoy the natural feel of a compact front engine rear wheel drive (FR) sportscar by adding the Subaru BRZ S ’12 to Gran Turismo 5.

Sharing the specifications of the Toyota FR-S, the production model prototype was announced at the Tokyo Motorshow in November 2011. In addition to the different front grill and foglights, the driving feel of the suspension settings focuses more on stability, and reflects the sports car philosophy of Subaru. In the BRZ, you can enjoy the feel of an FR layout sportscar — a rarity in today’s automobiles.

So dust off the GT5 case and start your engine again!

Lexus LF-CC


New Lexus concept have shown around recently. Name is LF-CC. LF-CC will claim to have a parallel hybrid system pairing a direct-injected 2.5-liter four-cylinder gasoline engine with an electric motor that’s claimed to offer class-leading efficiency.


“In the past, Lexus was about reliability, quality, comfort, and silence. We still have that, but we are adding emotion through the design to attract younger buyers. From now, from the new GS and this CC Concept, we’re adding excitement.” Lexus Design group manager Takeshi Tanabe.


Currently, I myself don’t have any pro or con against this car. Because, it has the good concept ideas… but that doesn’t mean it will at the final production. We’ll wait and see how it turns out

Porsche 918 Spyder


Well looks like Brochure have been leaked out for Porsche 918. posted several photos of this brochure.


Now, some people may not know Porsche 918 is and what’s the difference between other Porsches. It gets 78 MPG, but it also makes 800 horsepower… & it sounds like actual sports car. You tell me, is that sound like eco box?

Interior looks like, it has a lot of buttons, I don’t even know where to start from. Too noisy? To me, yes. I like em simpler design to keep me focus just on the road.


I’m not sure the price tag on this car is. If anyone know, please comment and let me know… I know, it won’t be cheap, but it’s worth knowing right?


McLaren P1

McLaren always make unique name cars… MP4-12C, F1… yes, I know it’s from F1 cars, but they need to keep the same name?

Anyways, McLaren P1. Yay or Nay?


Rumor as it that it’ll have a 3.8-liter V8 producing 803 horsepower matched to a 160 horsepower KERS system giving it 963 combined horsepower.