Future Tuning Option #1

This blog will be more toward Toyota/Scion 86/FR-S & Subaru BRZ owners & tuning shops.

After release of 86 & BRZ, a lot of tuning shops have been making all the money sucking parts for the owners like springs, tower bar, coilovers, body kits and even turbo kit. I am happy to see all those shops making those parts… but few things I want to see it more. I’ll blog about this and break it down in few blogs.

Brake Kits

Yes, there are several upgrade for brakes, like TRD & Brembos… but at the same time, there isn’t any option for 17″ wheel option brake upgrade other than pads. I’m not saying OEM calipers aren’t good enough. It’s strong enough to stop heavyweight Impreza, it can withstand <2800lbs car.

BUT not everyone want to go with BBK (Big Brake Kit) options and fork over 18″ wheels & tires along with it. Let’s face it, power for 86/BRZ doesn’t really require BBK it won’t use 70% potential of BBK… but there isn’t other brake caliper options.

& here’s my “wish list”; make brake kit that fit 17’s. It doesn’t need to be OEM wheel spec, but close enough.

I’ve searched around and found out that Essex Racing (AP Racing) makes that option… well currently making that option.

As you can see from the photo, they’re running 17’s Enkei RPF1 wheels.

So tuning shop, making a BBK for this car maybe looks “cool”, but let’s keep it realistic here. This car was made to be FR, fun & cheap (semi-cheap)… let’s not change that philosophy… unless owner has 400whp like Accelerated Performance turboed BRZ

also if you’re interested on Essex Racing, check their site Essex Racing


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