Flying out

Currently waiting at airport to fly out to LA. For what? I’ll be attending Scion FR-S to SEMA tour, so tomorrow, stay tune for a ton of photos!

But for today, this blog, I want to share new app/technology that surprised me. I’m using Delta to fly out to LA. I did all the booking, confirmation, & even went through security by my iPhone. Yes, no more papers! It’s pretty cool technology for sure.

Yeah I know, for some it’s an old news… but for others, it’s a new news!

Anyways, I’ll update often as I can today, tomorrow & Thursday, so stay tuned!


Scion FR-S Tuner Challenge Builds Part 2

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SEMA is right around the corner and Tuner Challenge is near. All 3 tuners have finished their work on FR-S and have already shown them.

Reference site:…r-s-tuner.html

Earlier this week, we told you about and showed you renderings of the three FR-S project cars that Scion plans to bring to the 2012 SEMA Show, which opens its doors on October and runs through November 2.

Now we have the details as well as real life pictures and even videos of the FR-S Tuner Challenge cars.

The FR-S concepts were created as part of a competition in which Scion gave three custom car builders the opportunity to put their talents to work while imposing a $15,000 budget and a three-month time-frame to complete the transformation.

In Las Vegas, the finished cars will be critiqued by independent car show judging company, Global Judging, with the winner to take home a $10,000 grand prize.

The three car builders are John Toca from Chicago, Illinois, Daniel Song from Orange County, California, and Chris Basselgia from Lebanon, Pennsylvania.

John Toca’s proposal is called the “Carbon Stealth FR-S” and his goal was to develop a car that was “both show and go”. The beige-colored FR-S sports a FiveAD aero package with carbon fiber parts, smoked lights and 19-inch wheels in Pirelli P Zero tires size 235/35 at the front and 235/30 at the rear.

The interior of the car is fitted with a 6-point roll cage, Recaro sport seats, Alcantara headliner, carbon fiber dash inserts, custom gauges and a high-end audio system.

Under the hood, Toca chose to boost the boxer engine’s output with a Vortech supercharger and several other upgrades, while the coupe’s suspension and brakes were also heavily modified.

The second model is the “FR-S GT” by Daniel Song and it is clearly the meanest looking of the three, thanks in part to the carbon fiber vinyl wrap and the wide bodywork designed by JONSIBAL, which makes the car look ready to hit the track. It rides on 18-inch wheels wrapped in Toyo Proxes 4 Plus tires size 235/40 up front and 275/25 at the back.

The race theme continues inside with a full roll cage, Sparco bucket seats, race harnesses, quick release steering wheel, e-brake and shift knob, carbon fiber trims and door panels, and a push start ignition system.

Song also equipped the 2.0-liter flat four with a Vortech supercharger and an air-to-air intercooler, while other performance modifications include the Brembo brakes and air-suspension.

The last tune comes from Chris Basselgia who named the car “Minty FReSh” after its exterior paint job. Basselgia says he wanted to “enhance the beauty and performance” of the FR-S in a stylish and up to certain degree, luxurious way.

On the outside, the Minty FReSh gets new front and rear bumpers, side skirts and a duck bill spoiler, along with 19-inch wheels shod in 225/35 Falken tires. Inside, you will find custom leather seats, a classic Nardi sports steering wheel, a titanium gear knob, arm pads on the rear panels and a new audio system.

Improvements under the bonnet include an Eaton roots supercharger, a new intake manifold, an air intercooler and numerous other upgrades, while Basselgia also fitted the car with an Airlift suspension and larger brakes.

From the vote in, looks like a lot of vote is going to Black FR-S by Daniel Song. Which one you like the most?

Price Tag on Porsche 918 Spyder

Mind blowing cool hybrid Porsche 918 Spyder has mind blowing price tag also. It costs 768,026 € ($995,976) in Europe and in USA? You’re looking at $845,000!!! Here are options you can have on this car.

918 Spyder Magnesium Wheels $32,500
Liquid Metal Chrome Blue Paint $63,000
Liquid Metal Silver Paint $63,000
Authentic Leather $26,000
Lifting System Front Axle $10,500
Porsche Speed Charging Station $22,100
Interior Package Carbon $7,500
Electric Comfort Heating $6,000
6-point Seat Belts $3,600
918 Spyder Luggage Set $19,900


Paint is $63,000? Really? Is it getting painted by Leonardo da Vinci?

Put the sarcasm on the side, well equipped 918 Spyder is looking well pass $1,000,000? The exhaust sound coming out from 918 is just amazing and the looks, wow… but is it worth ten thousand Benjamin Franklin? To some people it’s worth every penny, but my view not really.

How about you? Is it worth $850,000?

Scion FR-S Tuner Challenge Preview

I was going back to check and I thought, I’ve posted about this… but I didn’t! How did I miss blogging this!

Scion is doing another tuner challenge! This time with all the hype car Scion FR-S. Here’s the vid

& here’s the teaser photo of “concept” they’re planning to do to the FR-S.


First FR-S looks like simple and clean design… but they’re planning to put 20″ wheels or something?

Second FR-S from the look of it, has Five AD aero kit (with wheels) with hood scoop, so prob EJ25 turbo swap.

Third FR-S looks like have Rocket Bunny wide body aero kit with custom canard & side skirts, also looks like have Varis GT spoiler.

Out of those 3 FR-S which one do you like and going to vote on? Which one am I going to vote? To be honest… I don’t like all 3 of em. IF I had to choose, I’ll choose this


Personal design one doesn’t count (also it’s BRZ & not FR-S)? O’well, I tried

Scion SEMA

Sorry for late blog. Just the update, I’ll be attending Scion FR-S Tour to SEMA event, representing

I will visit much shops & tuners at SEMA to reported back. If I haven’t PM you or haven’t replied let me know your booth number. I’ll go there take some photos & few questions… by weekend, I’ll have photos & Q&A up for everyone to see it!

You know when your grandfather or uncle or even father tells you while looking at the car to buy “Wow! Car became so expensive. When I was your age, I bought **** (put whatever car name) for $**** (whatever amount)!”

Well, Jalopnik did another interesting article about inflation and car. Is current cars is price as back then?

Reference: Jalopnik

I’m surprised to see several cars in that lists that were under the inflation & over the inflation.

Under inflation: BMW 3-series – Current 3 series (335i) is near $4k under ’84 325e. Way to go BMW!
Over inflation: Mustang – Mustang, the American cheap sports car that everyone love (maybe not everyone)… & Ford is abusing that love and inflation as an excuse to bump the price $5k MORE (since ‘64.5).

Car & Inflation