Nissan hinting off new Z?

When I think of Fairlady Z, first come to mind is 240Z… & of course, a lot of you are thinking “Oh that’s so typical” or “Hell yeah!”

I’m not gonna lie, I’m somewhat of Z-fan, but not Z-holic. Nissan side, I always around Skyline GT-R instead of Fairlady. My father used to own Skyline, my uncle own Skyline… so Skyline is in my blood, but not Fairlady Z.

Til my friend bought himself 240Z. First time I saw it, I thought it was classy design. Don’t hate it at all. It’s very attracting design, both exterior & interior.

Anyways, back to the topic, Jay Leno went to Japan (Nissan design HQ) and request some new Z design & here’s the vid

What they gonna bring out will be interesting to see. Another heavyweight Z? Or going back to lightweight Z? Only time will tell


One thought on “Nissan hinting off new Z?

  1. Jesse Risk says:

    Nissan refuses to say they are remaking the Silvia, but have said the next Zed will be lighter with a smaller engine. The chief engineer even joked around saying that they should make a GT86 competitor called a 200Z. So either way theres a new ‘silvia’ on the way with a Zed badge, but most likely a new 1500kg 310hp Zed (possibly a new VQ32HR). Otherwise id did a 280hp turbo-4 ‘200Z’.

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