You know when your grandfather or uncle or even father tells you while looking at the car to buy “Wow! Car became so expensive. When I was your age, I bought **** (put whatever car name) for $**** (whatever amount)!”

Well, Jalopnik did another interesting article about inflation and car. Is current cars is price as back then?

Reference: Jalopnik

I’m surprised to see several cars in that lists that were under the inflation & over the inflation.

Under inflation: BMW 3-series – Current 3 series (335i) is near $4k under ’84 325e. Way to go BMW!
Over inflation: Mustang – Mustang, the American cheap sports car that everyone love (maybe not everyone)… & Ford is abusing that love and inflation as an excuse to bump the price $5k MORE (since ‘64.5).

Car & Inflation


2 thoughts on “Car & Inflation

  1. Jesse Risk says:

    meanwhile ’96 model NSX’s are still costing an arm and a leg! (with good reason, obviously, but i just want them to drop another $10k so i can maybe afford one at some stage! haha)
    E30’s are always a sweet buy!

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