Scion FR-S Tuner Challenge Preview

I was going back to check and I thought, I’ve posted about this… but I didn’t! How did I miss blogging this!

Scion is doing another tuner challenge! This time with all the hype car Scion FR-S. Here’s the vid

& here’s the teaser photo of “concept” they’re planning to do to the FR-S.


First FR-S looks like simple and clean design… but they’re planning to put 20″ wheels or something?

Second FR-S from the look of it, has Five AD aero kit (with wheels) with hood scoop, so prob EJ25 turbo swap.

Third FR-S looks like have Rocket Bunny wide body aero kit with custom canard & side skirts, also looks like have Varis GT spoiler.

Out of those 3 FR-S which one do you like and going to vote on? Which one am I going to vote? To be honest… I don’t like all 3 of em. IF I had to choose, I’ll choose this


Personal design one doesn’t count (also it’s BRZ & not FR-S)? O’well, I tried

2 thoughts on “Scion FR-S Tuner Challenge Preview

  1. Jesse Risk says:

    your BRZ looks awesome! also, id go the rocket bunny one just cause it doesnt have mind-numbingly-stupid wheels (Y) function over form, please!

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