UEL vs EL header

So some of FR-S/BRZ fans already heard this Borla R&D vid of UEL (unequal length) & EL (equal length) header. Reason why I didn’t post about this til now, because I couldn’t decide which one I like more. Some of you already know that, I own ’00 Subaru Impreza 2.5RS and I’ve done decent amount of mods to it. One of the mod is UEL header… and gotta say, I love it! Just love the sound!

Anyways, back to FR-S/BRZ. Here’s the vid

& here’s dyno sheet


Now After hearing it again. My conclusion is… I like UEL header setup more than UL header setup (for now). I can’t promise, I might change of heart after hearing in person… but for now, I like UEL header setup more.

Why? Here are few reasons

1. Sound: UEL has Subaru mean exhaust sound… vs EL is more toward i4 4-1 header noise.
2. Dyno 1: Dyno sheet shows that, EL header give more HP… vs  UEL header give more TQ… just by fraction.

3. Dyno 2: the curve of UEL header is better than EL header, even tho HP is lower than EL

those are 3 reasons I’ve chosen UEL over EL… but in the end, it all comes down to “how much you like the exhaust sound”

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