V8 Project in USA


Max Orido is well known for craziness… but after Toyota 86 have been released, he’s known for Toyota V86, putting IS-F V8 engine inside the 86.

Well, USA shops aren’t loosing either. We have 3 shops doing V8 swap project.


Evasive Motorsports

They have made pretty awesome custom body kit FR-S that runs 1:59.2 at Buttonwillow (which is amazing record). Now, they’re bumping the game up with V8 in their BRZ.

Reference: Evasive Motorsports Project BR-Z officially starts now!!!


ULTIMATE 86 Motorsports

Looks like they’re putting 3UR engine inside this tiny car. 6.3 Liter!!! From reading their information, sounds like they’re planning to get minimum of 1,000HP?!?!?! Wow~ It’ll be interesting to see & hear their progress. I don’t fully know them really well, so if anyone else has more info than the ones in the reference or shop wanna contact me for more info, I’ll be grateful.

Reference: Ultimate 86 Motorsports V8 FR-S


Weapons Grade Performance

Last, but not least, Weapons Grade Performance BRZ06. They’re first one to announce their V8 project. Putting LS2 engine inside BRZ. Sounds like they’re planning to finish start of next year.

Reference: Project BRZ06 Begins Today!

Yes, I do understand some of you guys are saying “Oh how this project totally messing up perfect balance of this car” and this and that. BUT that doesn’t mean, it’s not interesting to read & see their project.

That’s the current V8 project that is happening in USA. If I miss some, let me know and I’ll post it up.

GRMN Sports FR Concept


Looks like Gazoo Racing isn’t wasting any time making beefy 86 or next “concept” FR layout sports car.

First, GRMN 86 Twin Charged, which was already pushing 320HP from FA20 Turbo Supercharger.


Now, they have announce they’ll be bringing GRMN Sports FR Concept. Is it worth every yen, euro, or penny? You bet cha! Gazoo Racing doesn’t fail to satisfy those sport car mania that is looking for both power & handling.

Here are several photos.





Reference: carscoop blogspot

The Ten Cars Everyone Will Be Talking About in 2013

Jalopnik did another Ten Cars list. This time is for future car that’s coming about next year (or 2014).

Referece: Jalopnik

The Ten Cars Everyone Will Be Taking About In 2013

10.) Jaguar F-Type

The smallest Jag will likely be a critical car for the now-Indian company, so there’s no question it will be talked about in industry circles. No need to wonder if regular folks will talk about it, because, hey, it’s drop-dead gorgeous.

Suggested By: Hammerheadfistpunch, Photo Credit: GF Williams

The Ten Cars Everyone Will Be Taking About In 2013

9.) McLaren P1

It’s the successor to the McLaren F1. Either the P1 will live up to its predecessor’s name or the bar has been set too high for this hybrid hypercar. You’re going to hear that debate, as well as the one arguing F150 Ferrari vs. Porsche 918 vs. McLaren P1, ten bajillion times next year, for sure.

Suggested By: TheBaron2112, Photo Credit: GF Williams

The Ten Cars Everyone Will Be Taking About In 2013

8.) Alfa Romeo 4C

This is another car that’s going to be talked about whether or not it succeeds. Possibility One: the car never makes it to the US, Alfa’s relaunch in America flops again, and everyone gives us the same talking points we’ve been hearing since the 8C. Possibility Two: the car makes it here, is a success, and we get to talk about the continuing rebirth of small, light sportscars that the Toyobaru Twins got started.

You know which scenario we’re hoping happens.

Suggested By: wisc47, Photo Credit: Jalopnik

The Ten Cars Everyone Will Be Taking About In 2013

7.) Tesla Model X

It’s all well and good that Tesla has been breaking into the sports car and performance luxury sedan markets with the Roadster and the Model S, but the real money these days is in the crossover segment. Tesla’s venture into jacked-up pseudo wagons may be its toughest challenge.

Suggested By: twinturbo2, Photo Credit: Jalopnik

The Ten Cars Everyone Will Be Taking About In 2013

6.) Mazda6 Diesel

The next Mazda6 will be a decisive car for our favorite struggling Japanese automaker, but it’s the diesel that we hope makes the headlines. It would be the first major non-German company to pull American hearts towards diesel. Much as we love VW, Audi and BMW’s efforts, this pretty Mazda may be more important.

Suggested By: crown victor victoria, Photo Credit: Jalopnik

The Ten Cars Everyone Will Be Taking About In 2013

5.) Chevy Silverado

GM’s new full size trucks may be more conservative than a Tea Party representative, but since it’s the critical offering for the company, we’ll be hearing a lot about it, especially since Chevy’s midsize family car has been a bit of a flop so far.

Suggested By: adidas, Photo Credit: Chevrolet

The Ten Cars Everyone Will Be Taking About In 2013

4.) Mercedes-Benz A-Class

Mercedes makes its name on its humongo S-Class, with all its technology and leather and prestige. Mercedes makes its money on smaller cars that sell themselves on the S-Class’ name, but with Hyundai-esque styling and even smaller size, the new A-Class may stretch the brand too thin for us Americans.

Suggested By: Bobby Ang, Photo Credit: Mercedes-Benz

The Ten Cars Everyone Will Be Taking About In 2013

3.) Ferrari F150

You can preach all you want about the McLaren P1 and the Porsche 918, but the most anticipated hypercar of 2013 is going to be the replacement for the Ferrari Enzo. Why? Because it’s a Ferrari. Eight year olds in Gambia know that Ferrari is going to debut a hybrid world-beater next year with the same name as Ford’s big truck. The car is going to be huge.

Suggested By: downgoesavery, Photo Credit: Ferrari

The Ten Cars Everyone Will Be Taking About In 2013

2.) 2014.5 Mustang

The next Mustang will fully debut in 2014, but even now we’re getting overloaded with speculation and renderings. The Mustang is certainly the most searched-for car on the Internet already, and the debate over its slightly more international style will be ceaseless all through next year.

Suggested By: racer-esq, Photo Credit: Jalopnik, based on work by Josh Byrnes

The Ten Cars Everyone Will Be Taking About In 2013

1.) 2014 C7 Corvette

You know the upcoming Corvette is going to be wildly talked-about because hardcore Corvette enthusiasts already hate the thing and can’t stop complaining about the angular looks. Everyone from Jeremy Clarkson to your grandma will be blabbing about the most radical revision of America’s Sportscar in decades. We’ll see if it lives up to the hype.

I do agree that, all of those ten cars will be talked about in next year… but top ten? I don’t know. There are other cars will come out that will be talked about more. Which one? I, myself, can only guess… but I think, Nissan will bring something in one of International Auto Show

Kansai 86/BRZ Meet


Thanks to Alan in MinKara, he have blog more about that H6 86.

From what he told me, that H6 is EZ30. Not sure it’s EZ30D or EZ30R (yes, there’s a BIG difference between those two). Here are some photos



Interesting to see GT-R spoiler on 86. Amazingly, it doesn’t look that bad at all.



More reference: BRZ Owner’sGroup 初のお泊まりOFF 後編

Scion FR-S to SEMA Full Video


Scion USA have finally released the vid of FR-S to SEMA event. Thank you, Scion USA.

50 Scion FR-S in LA went all the way to SEMA in Vegas! That’s a pretty BIG number to me. I have lucky enough to be one of the people!

Hopefully next year spring, I hope to go all other events and reporting it back here &/or FT86Club.com, so stay tune for next year.