Jeremy’s Car of the Year: Toyota GT86

Toyota 86 is getting a lot of attention (both good & bad) and winning a lot of awards. This one is Jeremy from Top Gear is putting Toyota GT86 (UK is called GT86) as Car of the Year!

Reference: Top Gear

You thought Jeremy would immediately pick the most expensive or most powerful car here, didn’t you? Well, he didn’t… he picked one of the cheapest and least powerful. But he had his reasons. The Toyota GT86 is a new way of looking at an old problem: how to have fun in a reasonably priced car. Now, TG has a long association with cheap thrills, but the GT86 tries very hard to re-educate a generation of hot-hatch motorists on the joys of rear-wheel drive. And it succeeds, by being exciting, relatively cheap and accessible to mere mortals. It’s good, people. Be excited.


“I like the GT86 because it’s come barrelling into the bottom end of the marketplace with a big dirty smile on its face and a suggestion in the way it stands that it wants to have fun with your middle parts. It’s a car designed for one thing only: fun.”

Love the quote: “It’s a car designed for one thing only: fun.” Ain’t that true.


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