Millionaire’s Private Country Road on Backyard

That’s some cool and crazy idea! If I was a millionaire, I totally would make one! But sad reality, I’m not… anyone else you know that have their own private country road/track? Also to Mr. Wills, I know it’s private and all, but willing to give me a tour of that road?

Reference: Jalopnik


When A Millionaire Can’t Drive Legally, He Can Build A Private Racetrack

Retired Aussie Coca Cola executive Dean Wills loves fast cars. In fact, he owns a fleet of exotics that he’s always enjoyed driving on uncrowded country byways.

There’s just one problem. Wills lost his driver’s license in 1996 after driving too fast on the coast highway in New South Wales. Not being a track guy, per se, Wills did what any clear-thinking millionaire would do when faced with such a quandary. He built a private country road on his own property.

Just over three miles long and located at the south end of rural Kulnura, Australia, the track has 22 turns and reportedly cost about $10 million to build. Wills insists that it isn’t actually a track, and prohibits the select few allowed to drive on it from racing one another. But it is for driving fast cars fast, and kind of looks like an F1 track without the red and white stripes and safety barriers.

But Wills has disguised the whole thing with bucolic roadside scenery and road speed signs (which most people probably disregard). Lap times aren’t recorded, with family and friends — including Formula 1 driver Jack Brabham — driving the course for fun.

This isn’t the first private track we’ve seen, but it just might be the best. Hell, if it’s good enough for an F1 driver, I’d consider throwing one up in my backyard. (Hat tip to baronzero!)

Photo credit: Google Maps; mclarenlife


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