V8 Project in USA


Max Orido is well known for craziness… but after Toyota 86 have been released, he’s known for Toyota V86, putting IS-F V8 engine inside the 86.

Well, USA shops aren’t loosing either. We have 3 shops doing V8 swap project.


Evasive Motorsports

They have made pretty awesome custom body kit FR-S that runs 1:59.2 at Buttonwillow (which is amazing record). Now, they’re bumping the game up with V8 in their BRZ.

Reference: Evasive Motorsports Project BR-Z officially starts now!!!


ULTIMATE 86 Motorsports

Looks like they’re putting 3UR engine inside this tiny car. 6.3 Liter!!! From reading their information, sounds like they’re planning to get minimum of 1,000HP?!?!?! Wow~ It’ll be interesting to see & hear their progress. I don’t fully know them really well, so if anyone else has more info than the ones in the reference or shop wanna contact me for more info, I’ll be grateful.

Reference: Ultimate 86 Motorsports V8 FR-S


Weapons Grade Performance

Last, but not least, Weapons Grade Performance BRZ06. They’re first one to announce their V8 project. Putting LS2 engine inside BRZ. Sounds like they’re planning to finish start of next year.

Reference: Project BRZ06 Begins Today!

Yes, I do understand some of you guys are saying “Oh how this project totally messing up perfect balance of this car” and this and that. BUT that doesn’t mean, it’s not interesting to read & see their project.

That’s the current V8 project that is happening in USA. If I miss some, let me know and I’ll post it up.


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