2014 Corvette

GM have finally shown their newest Corvette (C7). Amazingly, they’ll be calling it Stingray… I guess, it’s THAT good.

Note: Skip it til 21mins into the vid, cuz it’s all commercial til then.

Reference: Live Reveal Youtube

My feedback on the new Corvette Stringray? Looks interesting & weird at the same time. Rear looks REALLY BIG vs front is very short. Also has that fangs on the front that makes me reminds FR-S/BRZ (more BRZ).

I’m also worry about that they stated. One of the commercial stated that “…car will do the work for you.” That’s kinda good… but bad at the same time. Good because new Corvette fan can drive good as expert track-holic driver. Is that sound familiar? Yes, it sounds like Nissan GT-R. GT-R is a beast in every way… but that’s because of the car and the technology of that car, not the driver.

What do you think? You like it? You hate it?


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