Tokyo Auto Salon 2013

Jan 11~13 2013 Tokyo Auto Salon went on with crazy amount of modded car (along with drift show). Now, there’s way too many to photos to upload those car photos, so I’m going to post only few that I liked. Why only ones that I liked? Because, it’s my blog lol

TRD 86 Griffon. Very clean looks with faster time in Tsukuba than 458 Italia, it have to be in my like ranking.


GRMN Sports FR Concept. Gazoo Racing not only went twin charger the 86, but they went extra mile widen the body and change the whole exterior & interior… so pretty much everything of 86. A lot of people thinks, it’s next Supra… maybe? maybe not. Only thing I know is, Toyota have bright future a head of them… if they do it correctly.



& that’s pretty much it. TOM’s 86 was pretty cool and all with V6 engine… but exterior totally push me away from liking it… but under the hood is worth showing


Which Tokyo Auto Show cars did you like? Doesn’t have to be 86 or BRZ. Some of GT-R looks pretty nice


2 thoughts on “Tokyo Auto Salon 2013

  1. switchlanez says:

    I agree that the Griffon and GRMN concept are levels above the other 86s. But y no BRZ Premium Sports Concept on ur list?! :p jk I’m attracted to its simplicity… it seems more attainable/realistic. Except for that crazy awesome silver paint/tan interior combo. *drool*

    • ichitaka05 says:

      I wanted to put BRZ PSC… but that tan interior design pushed me away. If they made interior w black or white leather and mix of suede, BRZ PSC would of made it in the list

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