Toyota FT-86 Open Concept Interview


86 Society interview Tada-san about FT-86 Open Concept which been recently talk about 86/GT86/FR-S/BRZ fans.

Reference: Toyota 86 Facebook

【ジュネーブモーターショーに「FT-86 Open concept」を出展】

ジュネーブモーターショーに出展するコンセプトカー「FT-86 Open concept」について、チーフエンジニアの多田哲哉氏にインタビューしました。







3月5日(火)から始まるジュネーブモーターショーでは、コンセプトカー「FT-86 Open concept」を展示予定。お披露目報道は要チェックです!

& most of you guys that can’t read Japanese, that’s why I’m here for! I’ll roughly translate the interview.

We have interviewed Tetsuya Tada, who is cheif engineer for FT-86 Open Concept which is going to be displayed at Geneva Motor Show.

“To be honest, I didn’t really like open car before” Surprised statement by Tada-san.

“Body’s rigidity weakens, it adds weight… but I was invited to Miata race last year. ‘How awesome it feels to drive with open top.'”

From a fans, would you imagine you would hear to make open mode?

“Just in case, if we get those kind of request, we were prepared. To be specific, window’s index system, body’s rigidity, space to ensure the roof.”

While developing this car, what image did you have?

“Drive coastline, drive while feeling the nature… would be nice. Image was taken at South Africa. For people that is into racing, open model might not be for them, but this car is for people that who like driving in the city and feel of freedom along with rear seats.”

Geneva Motor Show will starts from March 5th. FT-86 Open Concept will be displayed. Must check!

Well, hope that help some of you guys

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