Toyota Pro Celebrity Race

These time, I wish, I live in SoCali, so I can join this FUN event they had this week.

Reference: JDM Zipties

Thanks to Moto from Club4AG, Geoff and I were able to enjoy one of the most exclusive days at Streets of Willow in Rosamond, CA. Today’s event was for Scion to demo a few of the Scion FR-S race cars that will be participating in the Toyota Pro Celebrity Race during Long Beach Grand Prix weekend. Replacing the tC, these cars are fitted with optional TRD goodies and offer a fun package to race around both Streets of Willow and the Streets of Long Beach. Specially invited guests were able to get plenty of seat time as well as all the information and media they needed about these cars.


In attendance were representatives from media outlets such as Super Street Magazine, DSport, and Speedhunters. Some faces were familiar and some faces were great to see for the first time. It was great company the whole day and a great way to spend a Tuesday.

This is how our day went.

JDM Wong from Super Street having fun with the RC cars.

Moto getting his questions answered by a Toyota expert.

Game face.

Sean Klingelhoefer from Speed Hunters getting ready to go out onto the track.

Moto ready to rock.

The OEM Audio + and accessories station where you could demo the tuned sound system and get RC cars to play with.

Ken Gushi waiting to get onto the track to give ride alongs.


There was some Corvette filming on Big Willow.

Ken Gushi getting ready.

Young from OEM Audio + hamming it up.

Moto letting the back end step out a bit coming onto the front straight.

They even raffled off two of those RC cars from HPI!

Sam Du from Super Street getting his shots done.

On the way home from the track, we followed Young and Daniel in the FRS86 FR-S and Ken Gushi in his Scion IQ. To save some time, we decided to take the Angeles Crest Highway back, and for those who know the area, know that every car guy and motorcycle guy will go through it a few times in their career.

Again, it was an awesome day with awesome people. Thank for Scion and Toyota for hosting such a great and well-organized event and we all had a blast. Hope you enjoyed the photos and be sure to check back with us soon for more coverage from upcoming events.



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