Dome Developing GT300 Using Toyota 86


Now, Toyota 86 is taking on GT300! I’m excited about this news.

Reference: Racecar Engineer

Dome has released information about its new Toyota GT86 GT300 car. The new car is based on a composite chassis which will be commercially available at a low cost due to an innovative construction that does not use a honeycomb core. It has been built at the behest of Super GT organisers GTA that want to make the second tier GT300 class more focussed on domestically built tuner cars rather than imported GT3 machines.
Dome Isaku
It is not clear when the ’86 will make its race debut but it could be as early as the joint Asian Le Mans Series and GT300 series event at Fuji Speedway in September.
The front engined chassis will also form the basis of the ‘Isaku’ production car set to be launched next year and Dome is hoping that Malaysian, Chinese and Korean companies will use the concept to build their own GT cars as they would be eligible to compete in GT Asia and the Asian Le Mans Series as well as Super GT itself. It has been designed to accept a range of engines, transmissions and other mechanical component to encourage small tuners to develop their own cars.
Toyota GT86 GT300

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Can’t wait to see 86 & BRZ taking one, two finish!

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