F12, Corvette & 911…

All these cars are amazing cars and lucky for MotorTrend (…luck got nothing to do with it, I guess) had a chance to take all three cars to Laguna Seca to see which is the driver’s car.

Do you agree with their verdict?


AZ86 Bash!


Sorry I haven’t posted here for a long time, I was under the weather for few weeks. BUT I’m 95% back to normal (just allergy is getting to me).

Nov 17, there will be AZ86 Bash! event. If you own FR-S or BRZ and live close to Arizona, it’s “Must go” event! I might be attending.

Guinness World Record in Fastest Vehicle Drift

The fastest vehicle drift was 179.59 km/h (111.59 mph), achieved by Lars Verbraeken (Netherlands) at Flugplatz Kindel in Eisenach, Germany, on 19 June 2012. New fastest vehicle drift was done not Supra, not Corvette, not Viper, not, Mustang, not GT-R, not Rx-7… but it’s Toyota 86!

Sept 3rd 2013, driver Jakub (Kuba) Przygoński with 256 km/h entry speed going 217 km/h is the new Guinness World Record in fastest vehicle drift.

& here’s the vid

Z5 & Supra


Reference: Gazoo Racing & F30Post

In Gazoo Racing website, they’re talking about collaboration between Toyota and BMW sports car project. They found some rumor that BMW version will be called Z5 and Toyota version be called Supra…

Now this got me thinking, if that’s the case, new Supra will be convertible? BMW kept Z series to be convertible (for a bit) and then they bring out brake-shooter & coupe version (hard time vert).

What do you think?