Jaguar XKR-S GT

When you think of Jaguar, it’s luxury, huge, not really racing car. Well, Jaguar made XKR-S GT & of course, Chris Harris is test driving it.


Power To Dollar


Quick thought for tonight.

While watching /DRIVE, Matt Farrah made an interesting statement.

“Cayman has a worse hp to dollar”

That go me thinking & searching about this. Cayman spec is 275hp/213tq with curb weight of 2,888~2,954 lbs which is amazing hp to weight ratio… but base Cayman is $52,600 and Cayman S is extra $10,200 for 50hp/60tq more than the base.

Now, take those numbers into the equation, what do we get? We get $191.33 to 1hp… that sound pretty expensive! BUT (there’s always BUT), we know from Scion/Toyota/Subaru FR-S/86/BRZ that, number doesn’t mean anything when you have a FUN time driving the car… but for how much is too much/expensive?

Tsuchiya Keiichi & AE86

When I say “Drift King” you think “Tsuchiya Keiichi”. When I say “Tsuchiya Keiichi” you think “AE86”. THAT much Tsuchiya Keiichi and AE86 are connected… well at least I do in my head.

This vid show, ex-pro driver Tsuchiya Keiichi still racing and pushing his limits with his AE86.

AE86 is said to improve driving skills… and I think, if you truly understand the concept, this car is really fun car to drive!

Do you have this kind of ultimate connection with your car?

Senna Edi Ducati

Reference: Jalopnik

I’m not a big fan of bikes, but I still do like them and I kinda envy Brazilian people that get this limited edi Ducati.

If you’re going to name a motorcycle after one of the greatest Formula One drivers who ever lived, it had better be damn good. Fortunately, the motorcycle company doing this is Ducati, and they’re old hat at making two-wheel tributes to Ayrton Senna by now.

This is the Ducati 1199 Panigale S Senna, and it was unveiled in Brazil earlier this week at the Sao Paulo Motorcycle Show. But rather than being just an attention grab that shamelessly uses the name of Brazil’s famous and dearly departed F1 champion, this bike is a sequel of sorts to a motorcycle made in the 1990s with Senna’s approval.

This Brazil-Only Ducati Tribute To Ayrton Senna Is Fit For A Champion

Ducati says the menacing red-and-grey color scheme of this bike was chosen by Senna himself during a visit to the factory just a few weeks before his untimely death at Imola in 1994. The livery was used to produce series of 300 motorcycles designed to honor the star in 1995 called the 916 Senna I. Two more versions, the 916 Senna II and 916 Senna III, were built in 1997 and 1998.

And now the Senna bike is back with the approval of the Senna Foundation and with a racing exhaust for good measure. This new one is a 1199 Panigale S, and only 161 will be built — the number of F1 races Senna competed in. The only bad news for die-hard Sennaphiles who love two-wheel fun is that the bikes will only be sold in Brazil.

I think Senna would have liked it. I wonder how it does in the rain?

This Brazil-Only Ducati Tribute To Ayrton Senna Is Fit For A Champion

Last week, I received a call from Group-A Autosports saying they have Kraft Werks Supercharger they have been working on and see if I’m interested in check them out. My answer to that was… Of course! If something to do with FR-S, BRZ, 86 or a chick, I’ll be happy to check em out!

I was going to LA for “vacation”… but it became little “business” trip.

…so sadly Macross World Convention had to wait a bit.

After few chat on the phone to get their address and appointment. Here I was Group-A Autosports/Skunk2 Racing building.

& here was black & white BRZ (Panda BRZ? lol). replaced with several carbon fiber parts. They used this BRZ for Import Tuner FR Shootout.

Here’s the Kraft Werks Supercharger kit. First thing first. Kraft Werks SC is different from Jackson Racing SC. Yes, they both used Rotrex C30-94 unit, but after that, they’re using different parts and design. Like ALT BRZ explained in this post.

Now for the dyno charts:

OEM 91-octane BRZ with no modifications VERSUS 91-octane BRZ with supercharger kit (OEM headers/exhaust)
OEM 91-octane BRZ with no modifications VERSUS E85 BRZ with supercharger kit (Skunk2 headers/Skunk2 exhaust)

Using ECUTek and 11row intercooler to keep this kit cooled & controlled.

Interesting & plus side of this supercharger kit, I thought was Independent Drive System with Toothed Belt System. IF (again IF) belt breaks, you won’t be left stranded at track or worse middle of nowhere. At least you can drive home or to shop to get that fixed. Toothed belt will help not slip even you’re pushing the supercharger!

Like I’ve wrote in Dyno 2, they’re currently working on S2 Header & Exhaust system. Yes, they’re working on that right now & looks interesting setup… & yes, it’s EL header & no, it doesn’t come in SC kit.

Here’s the sad part… well, not really sad, sad, but for me it was sad. I wasn’t able to test drive it. due to it’s still pre-production kit and this visit was surprised visit, so they had different MAP in there (MAP they had was over 11psi instead of 9psi lol), I wasn’t able to test drive to see that extra 125WHP as they claim to have.

I had a chance to drive, Vortech SC, AVO TC, & HKS SC… I was hoping to compare this kit to see the difference between other force induction FR-S/BRZ. They said, they’ll fly me back to test drive to get the impression for this supercharger kit, so sound of that S2 header & exhaust system had to wait til… prob Nov?

Kraft Werks Supercharger kit should start selling in Nov.

Thank you Frank & Dave for letting me come and check their shop answered all the questions
For more picture, check my facebook page: ichitaka05 Auto Blog Facebook

Kraftwerks Supercharger