Power To Dollar


Quick thought for tonight.

While watching /DRIVE, Matt Farrah made an interesting statement.

“Cayman has a worse hp to dollar”

That go me thinking & searching about this. Cayman spec is 275hp/213tq with curb weight of 2,888~2,954 lbs which is amazing hp to weight ratio… but base Cayman is $52,600 and Cayman S is extra $10,200 for 50hp/60tq more than the base.

Now, take those numbers into the equation, what do we get? We get $191.33 to 1hp… that sound pretty expensive! BUT (there’s always BUT), we know from Scion/Toyota/Subaru FR-S/86/BRZ that, number doesn’t mean anything when you have a FUN time driving the car… but for how much is too much/expensive?


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