Slowly but surely, sponsors are joining the event! I can’t wait to see how awesome this event will turn out! If you’re near by, c’mon over and join us


2 thoughts on “86EXPO

  1. Luis Davo says:

    I am in desperate need of advise. I purchased a used 2013 brz on friday with 10ooo miles on engine. Today i was looking at the service records from the inspection done at the nissan dealership i purchased the vehicle from and they accidently put what i am assuming is non synthetic 5w30 oil into the engine. I just read the brz only takes synthetic oil of 0w20. I would like to post a thread for advise on this issue or am hopig you folks can help me out with a quick reply. I am scared at the moment to even contact the dealership i purchased from until i get some knowledgable input from fellow members on this forum. My account is restricted since i just made it today so i am unable to post a thread with my question : (. Please help me and thank you.

  2. Luis Davo says:

    Problem solved already : )

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